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Medical Claim Processing Service

Our Expertise

  • Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Services
  • Medical claims processing
  • Medical Billing Processing
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Coding process
  • Hospital Billing
  • Accounts Receivable management
  • Revenue cycle Management
  • Medical Billing Data entry
  • HCFA Data Entry
  • Claim Indexing
  • Medical Billing Support Service
  • Practice Management
  • Denial management
  • Pre-Adjudication
  • Impact Analysis
  • medical transcription
  • medical collections

Yantram is the leading provider of low-cost Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Services to Health Plans, We also provides flexible, reliable & cost-effective Medical Billing Data Entry Services to large Physician Groups.

Medical claims processing is important for healthcare service providers in getting paid for the services that they have provided. Medical claims processing is often a complex process and we do our best to make it as easy and useful as possible.

Our wide range of customized services for all sort of medical insurance application processing, medical claims examining, medical claims processing, verification and validation of medical claims, customer service process management and check processing and other related services. We do also Image Processing Services.

Benefits of outsourcing medical claims processing

  • Spend more time in your core activities such as providing medical care
  • Speed up the process of claims filing and processing and increase
    Your revenue by more than 25%
  • Reasonable pricing & Proven track record
  • Minimize Compliance Issues & Duplicate Claim Detection

Why choose Yantram for medical claims processing?

  • We make available Insurance claim processing and all documentation
    in real times
  • Our Experts are available 24×7 for service and support
  • We understand your business from a larger perspective and work
    towards a common goal
  • Strong processes followed with processing and filing claims
  • Strict compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Periodical reports on claims statuses as well as work-progress

HCFA data entry
HCFA generally called as Health Care Financing Administration is a standard claim format for paying payments to the medical providers and is used by the professional health plans.

Yantram is having good experience in maintaining and processing of claim forms as listed bellow.

HCFA 1500                   HCFA 672                    HCFA 1500 8 05                    HCFA 671

HCFA 485                     HCFA ub92                  HCFA 2567                           HCFA 15
HCFA 1500 NPI             HCFA 2007                   HCFA 802                             HCFA 837
HCFA 700                     HCFA 855                    HCFA 43                               HCFA l564
HCFA 08 05                  HCFA 2728                   HCFA 700                             HCFA 1763
HCFA 1513                   HCFA 588                     HCFA 2552                           HCFA 339
HCFA 40b                     HCFA 1500 12 90          HCFA 487                             HCFA DRG

Yantram offers Medicare and Medicaid HCFA, HCFA software, HCFA codes, HCFA billing, HCFA place of service, HCFA envelopes. Also we assist you in how to fill out HCFA and form instructions, downloading HCFA, enrollment, electronic HCFA.

For mor information visits us:


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